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My First Wayfair.ca Experience

So, I finally did it.

I took the plunge and purchased a rather large piece of furniture off an online website.

After months of drooling over the Wayfair Canada website and all the beautiful rustic items they have, I was hesitant to purchase such a large piece of furniture. In fact, I’ve never really purchased any type of furniture off a website, ever.

I like to think I’m pretty lucky when it comes to online shopping, but I have had a few minor fails in the past that made be a bit skeptical about buying something so heavy.

For instance, I purchased a pair of heels, and they charged me 20 dollars at the door for “weight”. How a cheap pair of heels can have a 20 dollar weight fee is beyond me.

So, safe to say I was a bit worried about extra “weight” costs for a huge wooden shelf.

Wayfair was everything I could have hoped for in an online home decor website, and more.

I ordered THIS 72″ corner shelf unit, and it was a steal.

Blog Picture 2Blog Picture 3

Regular $322 on for $107, score. It has since gone up to $117. 

I ordered the “taupe” finish as I’m absolutely obsessed with the weathered grey wood trend lately. I figured it would match perfectly with my living room decor.

The best part? Shipping was 100% free. And no hidden weight costs.

I absolutely love that the shipping was free. For the most part, I think all orders on Wayfair Canada are free. For my fellow Canadian online shopping addicts, you know that shipping is usually a pain in the butt, and can cost an arm and a leg.

I love the simplicity and the fact that there were no hidden costs, you get what you pay for.

Three days later, it was at my front door.

Another perk – the shipping was unbelievably fast. I had placed the order on a Monday, and by Thursday it was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home.

I spent my Saturday night assembling it, thanks to the help of my lovely boyfriend of course. For the most part, it was quite easy to assemble.

Took us just under an hour to assemble fully, and I was really impressed with the overall quality for the price. Very strong wood, organized packaging and easy-to-read instructions. I was definitely impressed with the Monarch Specialties Inc. brand and would purchase from them again, for sure.

Here’s a picture of the finished product:

Blog Pictures

Voila! A beautiful, taupe/grey/beige weathered wood corner unit.

My creativity is running rapid right now with all the ideas I have to design this shelf. I feel like a little kid in a candy store – just aching to attack it with nick-nacks and decorative objects. Where to begin… the possibilities are endless!

Overall, I think you should definitely check out Wayfair. Great bang for your buck.

My first – and certainly not my last – purchase from Wayfair was a success. I already have another cart filled with stuff waiting to checkout. Highly impressed with the fast and free shipping, great quality, and beautiful selection they offer.

For all my home decor enthusiasts out there, you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.41.33 PM


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